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Tuiaki x Pineapple City

Up for sale is a 14mth old fawn bitch, she's currently at breakers and will be available from Friday.

She's not up to owner's standards and at this stage would suit the country in the right hands.

Enquiries can be made via phone calls or emails.
$ 1,000
Apr 18, 2014 241 Louis M...
Location: New South Wales Sex: Female Microchip ID: Type: Race dog Age: 1 years

pyfo mostly

top staying brood bitch who needs a good home , want to do a deal with her next litter , to a good home - her dogs she produced are all lovely dogs , i have no where to keep her as of the end on april - call me on 0419031883 -
$ 500
Apr 14, 2014 909 Rory B...
Location: South Australia Sex: Female Type: Brood bitch Microchip ID: Age: 0


Black bitch, Not TAB Class
came back sore from breakers, put away .. brought back has slipped twice at gunnedah 10:78, 10:55
will improve in the right hands as shown by her slips .. just too many dogs at the moment wanting to focus on the TAB class ones
please message for pics
$ 500
Apr 14, 2014 949 Rick M...
Location: New South Wales Sex: Female Age: 2 years Type: Race dog Microchip ID: 956000008312055

She'll Escape

24.5 KG Black bitch, good early speed. Slips 10:55 off the mark at gunnedah
Not TAB class But will suit smaller Kennel and improvement would not surprise as we just have too many Dogs at the moment
$ 500
Apr 14, 2014 959 Rick M...
Location: New South Wales Sex: Female Age: 2 years Type: Race dog Microchip ID: 956000008299223

Race bitch For sale

Honest race bitch for sale.Just turned 3 years old.Great kennel dog,good natured.30 starts for 2 wins 5 seconds 1 third.Won over 513 and 658 mts. Has early speed and will win more races outside of victoria
$ 1,500
Apr 13, 2014 11561 Neil A...
Location: Victoria Microchip ID: Type: Race dog Sex: Female Age: 3 years

22 month old greyhound

Striking blue and white 29kilo bitch for sale Mildean panther x Our first star not up to tab b standard would suit country or tab c please no time wasters priced to sell
$ 1,000
Apr 10, 2014 1468 Sergio F...
Location: New South Wales Sex: Female Age: 1 years 10 months Microchip ID: 956000008392212 Type: Race dog

Race Dog For Sale For sale

Bizarre Bling - Oct'11. Dyna Lachlan x Miss Bling ( mother of Walk Hard ). Sound dog, top chaser, good temperament, clean kennel dog and currently racing with last 5 starts form of 21714. Genuine reason for sale.
$ 4,500
Apr 10, 2014 12044 Russell E...
Location: Victoria Age: 2 years 6 months Sex: Male Type: Race dog Microchip ID: 956000008225112


Beautifully bred
Where,s Pedro x Daintree Jewel
Red fawn bitch litter sister to
RUSTY ROGERS ,all run 500 meters ,Winner at Sale 440 by 11 lengths 25.15 best
Will run 500, magnificent temperament garenteed no vices ,no injuries,
$ 3,500
Apr 8, 2014 1687 Reginald B...
Location: Victoria Age: 2 years 6 months Sex: Female Type: Race dog Microchip ID: 956000008224431

Well Bred Dirt Cheap Pups

Dyna Lachlan x No End
2 Dogs & 5 Bitches
Beautifully bred with winning potential Mother thrown city class winners, this is the mothers 4th litter she has thrown winners to all her sires.
Selling for under Value Dogs $2500 Bitches $2000
$ 2,500
Apr 1, 2014 2704 Jamie C...
Location: Victoria Age: 3 months Sex: Female Type: Puppy Microchip ID:

Knocka Norris x Wonder Spirit For sale

Wonder Spirit is a South Australian bitch going 14 starts for 5 wins and 3 placings winning at Angle Park over the 600m.
Her litter included:
Proven Kruize – (14 wins, 14 placings) Sandown winner and winning over 600m and 630m
Proven Cascade – winner over the 600m
Paper Spirit – multiple wins and places at The Meadows over the 600m

Wonder Spirit’s dam Proven Spirit is a little sister to:
Proven Alias – 27 wins, 21 placings the majority at Sandown and the Meadows (pooling $100,585)

And has also thrown:
It’s Manic – 12 wins, 9 placings
Blue’s A Choker – 6 wins, winning over the 618m and 600m
Proven Knox – 7 wins, 14 placings (the majority in the city at Sandown at The Meadows)

Wonder Spirit’s second dam Proven Booty had 9 wins, 19 seconds and 5 thirds, winning at Wentworth Park over the 720m and threw:
Jim Bob – 9 wins, 3 placings (metro winner & feature winner, pooling $32,370)
Proven Coin – Multiple winner at Sandown and The Meadows over 725m and 715m
Proven History – 11 wins, 11 placings (metro winner)
Proven Swag – 10 wins, 5 placings

Her first litter to Dee Winter is in work now.

1 Dog - $3,000
1 Bitch - $2,500

For further information please call:
(03) 5433 3378
0409 591 098
$ 2,500
Mar 26, 2014 13806 Chelsea H...
Location: Victoria Sex: Male Microchip ID: Age: 0 Type: Puppy
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