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Ovulation Detector For sale

European made Dog Ovulation Detector to determine the ideal time for mating or AI. Accurately measures canine ovulation. Determines the optimal time to mate bitches to maximise litter size. Helps to identify split seasons, false heat, and other breeding disorders. $595 available in stock in Australia. See www.dog.draminski.com or www.advancedfarmsystems.com.au
$ 595
Aug 6, 2015 10554 Philip S...
Location: New South Wales Type: Other


Big Daddy Cool straw for sale
$5000 ono
$ 5,000
Aug 5, 2015 3542 Ian S...
Location: Tasmania Microchip ID: Type: Stud Age: 0 Sex: Male

Bekim bale x Shala bale

Has been broken in chases needs box work all the hard work is done just needs some one to put the time in to her such I haven\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t got 1000 ono
$ 1,000
Jul 31, 2015 4448 Mark G...
Location: Victoria Microchip ID: Type: Race dog Age: 2 years 3 months Sex: Female

Dyna Lachlan

Dyna Lachlan straw for sale $2000 ono
ono will do a good deal on more than one
$ 0
Jul 30, 2015 6734 Ian S...
Location: Tasmania Age: 0 Type: Stud Microchip ID: Sex: Male

Fabragas x Mary Lou cargo

Fabrgas x Mary Lou Cargo
( premier fantasy x best of Diablo )
Whelmed 6th January 2015
1 dog -$4000
3 bitches-$3000 each
Phone only
Ron 0419019484
$ 4,000
Jul 29, 2015 10400 Ron S...
Location: New South Wales Age: 3 months Microchip ID: Type: Puppy Sex: Male

hydra bath for sale

I have a blue hydra bath for sale has a heater for hot water in good condition
$ 450
Jul 26, 2015 5302 Kon Kola
Location: New South Wales Microchip ID: Type: Race dog Age: 0 Sex: Female Type:

fire sale cheep greyhound pups

I have 32 greyhound pups for sale ranging from break-in age or younger going cheep as I am owed rent money
$ 0
Jul 26, 2015 5457 Kon Kola
Location: New South Wales Sex: Male Type: Puppy Age: 0 Microchip ID:

greyhounds for sale

greyhounds for sale ready to race country dogs $500.00 tab dogs $1500.00 18 month ready for break in $1000.
$ 500
Jul 26, 2015 2968 Kon Kola
Location: New South Wales Microchip ID: various Type: Race dog Age: 0 Sex: Male

Shakey Jakey x Tinas Show pups

5 dogs
Whelped on 8/3/2015.
Shakey Jakey has track record at Wentworth Park.
All Tinas Shows pups that have raced have won on city tracks.
Currently going round are Show Bound, Outside Pass and Vegas Bound. Also produced Peters Pick, Maid for Ron, Tiny Turner and Cardwell.
Well raised and cared for. Vaccinated.
Ready to go.
$ 5,000
Jul 26, 2015 5549 Daniel H...
Location: Queensland Type: Puppy Microchip ID: Age: 5 months Sex: Male

New Greyhound Laser for Sale!

Laser 3000 Greyhound Laser

The Laser 3000 Greyhound Laser is a portable, powerful, professional handheld laser suitable for treating numerous pain conditions and injuries in greyhounds. The single head Laser 3000 comes with an 808nm diode producing 300mW output power.

The Laser 3000 rapidly heals injured muscles, tendons, ligaments and reduces pain!

The Laser 3000 is ideal for use by owners, trainers and vets.

The Australian made Laser 3000 penetrates deep into muscle tissue and is ideal for those wanting a powerful Class 3B laser to treat their injured animals.

The Laser 3000 is a safe, effective and easy to use product that provides leading edge technology at an affordable price.

The unit can operate either in Continuous Wave mode or in Nogier pulsed frequencies.

The Laser 3000 penetrates 5cm into the muscle tissue.

The Laser 3000:

*Increases blood flow
*Reduces inflammation
*Rapid healing properties
*Rejuvenates cells
*Speeds up tissue repair
*Increases lymphatic drainage
Relaxes tensed muscles
*Heals soft tissue injuries, sprains and strains

The unit comes with: Laser Safety Eyewear
RF Interlock
2 sets of rechargeable batteries
Battery recharger
User Manual
Instructions in color
Carry case
2 year warranty

To read more, please visit www.laser3000.net
$ 2,662
Jul 14, 2015 7276 Milan C...
Location: South Australia Type:
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