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Bring Home Zambora, The Greyhound Puppy

If you are craving for companionship, ZAMBORA is the best for puppy for you!

Zambora needs a loving home that will give him the same amount of attention he gives! He’s delicate but affectionate, relaxed yet intelligent and alert. Clingy and forms a very strong bond with any human. He can be a little shy or skittish around strangers, but is easygoing and cuddly couch potatoes at home (what we love most about him). He can already be mistaken as a lapdog!

It saddens us to let this sweet puppy go but we’re confident that we can find a better home and family for him. If you’re up for the challenge, I’d like to hear from you! :)
$ 1,800
Aug 10, 2020 41630 Charlotte T...
Location: Australian Capital Territory Microchip ID: Age: 3 months Sex: Male Type: Puppy

Meet Bolt, the most active greyhound puppy you'll ever meet

Yes, he is named after Bolt from the movie! He may not have superpowers but he runs like one! This one's very different, he's really active and loves the outdoor as much as I do!

• Personality: Docile, easygoing, gentle, sociable puppy
• Energy Level: Active; Greyhounds need regular time to sprint, but otherwise they’re mellow housedogs
• Good with Children: Better with Supervision
• Good with other Dogs: Yes
• Shedding: Seasonal
• Grooming: Occasional
• Trainability: Independent

Bolt is the perfect puppy for any type of personality! If this sounds interesting to you, message me and meet Bolt :)
$ 2,000
Aug 10, 2020 36918 Thomas S...
Location: All Locations Microchip ID: Type: Puppy Age: 3 months Sex: Male

Rare Pied Sable Colored Greyhound Puppy

Say hello to our little princess, Brooklyn! She was born on June 29th of this year. This photo is at 6 weeks of age with her weight at about 4 lbs. Raised with his brothers and sisters at home.
Brooklyn is a confident, friendly and people oriented puppy. He has light eyes like his father and nice, very symmetrical spots/lines on his face and forehead. He is weaned and well potty-trained. Based on previous puppy and dog sizes we estimate that she'll weigh around 11-12 lbs at one year of age and around 12-15 lbs when he has filled out and is full grown.
INCLUSIONS: She will come to you in perfect health, dewormed and with his first shots.
$ 2,200
Aug 10, 2020 36913 Charlotte T...
Location: Australian Capital Territory Microchip ID: Type: Puppy Age: 0 Sex: Female

Lovely Italian Greyhound, Lightning

Meet Lightning, our 3 month old Greyhound baby! We are looking for a new owner that would treat him as their own. We are already keeping the 2 puppies and the 2 are already sold fast. It breaks our heart to let this one go but this baby is the most independent of them all. We are confident that he'll adapt to a new environment easily.
Lightning is very gentle, noble, and oh so sweet, but intense when on the run - very active and playful! Which makes him very good with children.
If you’re someone who is looking for a lovely active companion! Message me for details!
$ 2,000
Aug 10, 2020 36627 Oliver C...
Location: Australian Capital Territory Microchip ID: Sex: Male Age: 3 months Type: Puppy

Brandnew Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzle

This doggy muzzle has a flexible fit for wider noses and a small convenient opening so your pup can eat while it’s on. It is ergonomically designed safety strapping and two additional points of secure attachment to ensure the muzzle stays doesn't fall off. The metal buckle is fully adjustable for a quick and easy fit.
Optional removable over-head safety strap.

$ 13
Aug 10, 2020 34619 Cassidy T...
Location: Australian Capital Territory Age: 0 Sex: Female Type: Race dog Microchip ID:

Electric Doth bath

great working order just needs a clean
$ 999
Jun 9, 2020 40970 Jimmy Abi
Location: New South Wales Type: Property

Beautiful Greyhound Puppy For A Quick Re-home

Lovely girl Greyhound puppy 4 months old looking to re-home unfortunately we are relocating ..We are heartbroken after finally finding our dream puppy. We are looking for a 5 star home only this puppy is very playful, loving and soft, great with Other dogs and kids.Will make the perfect family pet.
$ 1,500
Jun 2, 2020 28850 Mittch A...
Location: South Australia Microchip ID: Type: Puppy Age: 0 Sex: Male


Syndicates QUALITY Pups from proven producers or quality race stock
Any individual or group interested in the Enjoyment and thrill of greyhound racing.
Share cost include
All expenses up to 20 months of age.
Purchase, rearing, education, vet expenses, pre training, transport, sundry expenses.
GNE. SYND will retain shares and management of syndicates.
Contact us for our current Syndications
$ 100
May 28, 2020 27405 Greg N...
Location: New South Wales Sex: Male Type: Puppy Age: 3 months Microchip ID: 956000012226178

Wanted Greyhound Puppy or young dog

We are looking for a puppy or young greyhound. We have a middle aged Cat, so we;re looking for a young dog for this reason. We've raised a greyhound and whippets in recent years, all passed away in 2017 from old age.
$ 0
May 3, 2020 30599 Donna M...
Location: Australian Capital Territory Age: 3 months Sex: Female Type: Puppy Microchip ID:

Starting box

As new starting box. Galvanised construction,made by tradesman.can frieght at buyers expense.
$ 600
Apr 29, 2020 25789 Tom R...
Location: New South Wales Type: Other
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