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For sale: Bring Home Zambora, The Greyhound Puppy

Bring Home Zambora, The Greyhound Puppy

i286260064292154034._szw480h1280_.jpg If you are craving for companionship, ZAMBORA is the best for puppy for you!

Zambora needs a loving home that will give him the same amount of attention he gives! He’s delicate but affectionate, relaxed yet intelligent and alert. Clingy and forms a very strong bond with any human. He can be a little shy or skittish around strangers, but is easygoing and cuddly couch potatoes at home (what we love most about him). He can already be mistaken as a lapdog!

It saddens us to let this sweet puppy go but we’re confident that we can find a better home and family for him. If you’re up for the challenge, I’d like to hear from you! :)
$ 1,800
Aug 10, 2020
Location: Australian Capital Territory Microchip ID: Age: 3 months Sex: Male Type: Puppy
Phone: 0289...
Email: char...
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