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For sale: Teasers


Teasers very similar to the ones used on race day

# teaser with (no device) $60

# The Screamer- teaser with electronic device uses ( 9 volt battery) $90 or $120 with (rechargeable 9volt battery)

# The Kindy - made for educating pups from 8weeks
Comes with 1200mm cable lead inside a expandable wire sleeve for protection with a on/off switch to control the sound when pups grab on. Choice of 9v battery or 9v rechargeable battery with a electronic teaser with multiple ears for pups to grab. $160

# The Octopus- Electronic Teaser with multiple ears , very heavy duty . Ideal for race tracks and break in’s
From $160

# The Ringer - especially made for bull rings.
Comes with on/off or momentary waterproof switch on 6mtrs insulated cable, connectors to disconnect Teaser when not in use, heavy duty electronic Teaser on 9v or 9v rechargeable battery. $240

# plus made to order

# Skins $50

All teasers come with clip & leads for hand held or attach to arm for finish on
Australia Postage from $15 .
Call or text 0400102076
$ 90
Oct 12, 2019
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