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For sale in Western Australia

Pups 10. Menunga blazer/ Dandalup girl , 12 wks old reasonably bred.

Menunga blazer out of Dandalup girl/ 520 and 600 metre winner. 10 pups. 7 boys, 3 girls. Black, black/white. Weight 10kgs@ 11wks of age.
$ 4,500
Jun 23, 2021 8635 Peter Moir
Location: Western Australia Age: 1 years Type: Puppy Microchip ID: Sex: Male

ANGELO’S ENTITY Racing Greyhound for Sale


Token Prince x Marley Girl

41 starts-10 1sts, 9 2nds, 6 3rds

Times ran:
30.01 over 515m Angle Park
29.94 over 512m Mount Gambier
22.27 over 395m Murray Bridge
22.21 over 388m Angle Park

Currently located in WA Cannington/Mandurah

Message me privately for offers!
Or text 0455112000
$ 6,000
Apr 19, 2021 20346 Mason Otto
Location: Western Australia Sex: Male Age: 3 years Type: Race dog Microchip ID: 956000009481836