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Greyhound Puppy wanted

Wanted: Greyhound Puppy. We are wanting a puppy for our family as a pet only. Have fostered older Grey's before and fell in love with the breed of dog. Would like a young pup as we have a cat and toddler. Have had trouble in the past establishing pecking order with an older dog coming into the home. Would like to establish behaviours ourselves rather than re-training. If anyone has an unwanted pup ready to leave its Mother, we would love to offer one a loving home.
$ 0
Apr 30, 2019 2762 Natasha J...
Location: South Australia Type: Puppy Microchip ID: Age: 3 months Sex: Female

Greyhound puppy wanted

I’m looking for a greyhound pup, great home with 2 Italian greyhound buddies. Inside/outside lifestyle.
No preference of male or female as will be desexed, trained and well spoilt.
May consider older dog if suitable.
Can be located interstate.
$ 0
Apr 10, 2019 2842 Tanya N...
Location: South Australia Sex: Female Age: 3 months Type: Puppy Microchip ID:

wanting a greyhound puppy

We are looking for a greyhound pup as a pet only to be with our 2 dogs and cats. Willing to pay up to $400
$ 400
Mar 30, 2019 2892 William W...
Location: South Australia Microchip ID: Type: Puppy Age: 0 Sex: Male


WANTED Stud Dog for duties in NSW, Mid North Coast NSW.
$ 0
May 19, 2017 5711 Mick F...
Location: New South Wales Microchip ID: Type: Stud Sex: Male Age: 5 years

Pet Puppy Wanted

Wanted male greyhound pup 2 to 4 months old for non racing pet home. Price negotiable for the right pup.
$ 500
Dec 30, 2016 6646 Justin C...
Location: Queensland Type: Puppy Age: 4 months Sex: Male Microchip ID:


$ 20,003,000
May 1, 2016 8851 George B...
Location: New South Wales Type:

Dog Trailer wanted

Looking for a used dog trailer. Anywhere from 3 berth up and is reasonably priced depending on the condition.
$ 0
Jan 3, 2016 9666 Kris B...
Location: Western Australia Type: Trailer

Greyhound puppy wanted

I\'m looking for a greyhound pup as a pet. Would prefer for them not to be broken in or ever races as I also have a cat. Happy to take one with an injury making it unsuitable to race.
$ 500
Dec 15, 2015 9854 Jessica A...
Location: Victoria Sex: Male Microchip ID: Age: 0 Type: Puppy

Trainer wanted Wanted

Trainer wanted for three 17 month old pups (Collision x Poker Boys). Will be finishing pre-training soon. All trialling in the 22.9s over 390m at Shepparton and are still improving. Reports from pre-trainer are they have good temperaments, good box manners and hard chasers. Ready for a trainer\'s polish.
$ 0
Sep 13, 2015 17940 Eric J...
Location: Victoria Type: Trainers

wanted race dog

i am looking for a race dog to race in bundaberg maybe rocky , , giveaway , or lease half of all prize money over the first $100,, dog or bitch, must be able to run 460m , also not to old , as able to travel to albion park if dog has the ability
$ 0
Aug 12, 2015 10279 David M...
Location: Queensland Type: Race dog Microchip ID: Age: 0 Sex: Male
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