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Privacy policy

Welcome to the boring part of this website :)

Unfortunately due to a few jerks roaming the wild streets of the Internet it has become good natured and well meaning to implement a privacy policy on ones website (the rest of us just do it because we think it makes us look more professional).

We'll try to make this as less painful as we can, have fun.

OzGreyhoundSales.com.au Privacy Policy

This website uses several visitor and analytical tools to track it's website visitors. Nothing out of the ordinary here. It's much like how you see people with clipboards and pens on the side of streets counting the number of overweight and hungry people that are looking for something to eat and then "Hey-Presto!" a junk food take-away outlet opens up the next year.

It's basically a way to see how many visitors we get, where those visitors come from and what they do on our site.

Basically, it's for marketing purposes.

Some of the tools we use

We use Google analytics, our own server logs, and we usually test out various other third party methods on and off (we'll do our best to make note of those with revisions right here) the website itself uses cookies to identify users so that it can better serve you and so do some of the third party trackers like Google analytics.

What does that really mean fella's? 

What that really means is that we use our own technology to track and record visitors and we also use third party tools.

Cookies have been made out to be BIG and scary things that follow you down highways and spy on you while your having lunch.

Thats not really accurate to be honest.

Cookies are what websites and web based tools put onto your computer (your browser or your hard disk, or both). These cookies asign some sort of value to your computer so that the website can tell who is visiting, who is returning and what that visitor is doing on the website.

What for?

The reason we do this is so that we can deliver content and information much faster and with less hassle. It also helps us montior our business and our customer behaviour.


We respect and aknowledge your rights to privacy.

This means anything we track via web analytics tools and cookies is anonymous. Meaning that we do not associate your private information such as your name or email with your visits and site use. 

The only personal information we use and store is information you have given us when registering for an account (if you are a registered user) or when amending your account details.


We store the information you have given us securely, we do not share it with third parties, we certainly dont sell it or lease it and never will and you have the power to edit, amend and delete your own information at any time.

Who else can see my information?

When registering you are asked for your name, email, phone number and any address. These details are visible to users searching for ads and as a general rule you need to supply this info so that people can actually contact you and buy what you are selling.

You do not have to supply a full street address, simply just enter a city, suburb or even state.

As this website evolves we will enable private messaging features and this in turn will reduce the need to publish your phone number or email even more so.

We adhere to international SPAM and Privacy laws as well as the Australian Spam Act and the Australian Privacy Act.

If you have any questions about the use of your own information or our privacy policy, do not hesitate to contact us.

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