OZ Greyhound Sales

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For sale in New South Wales

Litter for sale

Barcia Bale x Eva Diva- 5 bitches for sale, whelped 15/3/20.
First litter to Barcia Bale is already winning, including a bitch and a dog winning at Wenty.
$ 6,500
Sep 28, 2020 210 Mario A...
Location: New South Wales Sex: Female Age: 6 months Type: Puppy Microchip ID: 956000012227525

Racing bitch for sale

Romantic Dancer, one start for a second at Richmond.
Barcia Bale x Eva Diva- several pups from the litter have already won, including two at Wenty.
$ 5,000
Sep 28, 2020 220 Mario A...
Location: New South Wales Type: Race dog Age: 2 years Microchip ID: 956000006169007 Sex: Female

Electric Doth bath

great working order just needs a clean
$ 999
Jun 9, 2020 21255 Jimmy Abi
Location: New South Wales Type: Property


Syndicates QUALITY Pups from proven producers or quality race stock
Any individual or group interested in the Enjoyment and thrill of greyhound racing.
Share cost include
All expenses up to 20 months of age.
Purchase, rearing, education, vet expenses, pre training, transport, sundry expenses.
GNE. SYND will retain shares and management of syndicates.
Contact us for our current Syndications
$ 100
May 28, 2020 23770 Greg N...
Location: New South Wales Sex: Male Type: Puppy Age: 3 months Microchip ID: 956000012226178

Starting box

As new starting box. Galvanised construction,made by tradesman.can frieght at buyers expense.
$ 600
Apr 29, 2020 22447 Tom R...
Location: New South Wales Type: Other