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Australia's #1 Marketplace for all things Greyhound

OzGreyhoundSales in our eyes, is a great example of what can be done when a problem faces regular people (Problem = Solution).

This website has been created by the people for the people.

We are not some fancy pants high roller million dollar company with hundreds of employees. 

We are as real as it gets, a couple of people behind laptops with hot cuppa's and a bit of spare time. That's all.

Greyhound racing is massive where we come from and we want to help all those people involved in it by giving them a great solution to buy and sell online.

Previously it was difficult to find an online solution for buying or selling anything that was greyhound specific and the costs of advertising in the paper were pretty expensive, especially for a small breeder or someone selling home made collars.

In a nut shell, OzGreyhoundSales helps you sell your greyhounds and other products as quickly as possible, FOR FREE !

So from the team at OzGreyhoundSales, we hope you enjoy using our website!


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