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Terms and Conditions

The terms & conditions set out on this website may change over time so you should check back here regularly.

By using this website you agree to the terms and conditions set out on this page. If you do not agree with anything on this page you should stop using this website.

Pricing & Costs

It is important to understand that there are two separate sets of prices, costs and payments that are displayed on this website.

The first set of prices, costs and payments is set forth by the user of this website which has chosen to advertise a product or service via this website.

We will refer to this as "User to User".

The second set of prices, costs or payments is set forth by this website, its administrators and or staff.

We will refer to this as "OzGreyhoundSales to User".

User to User

The prices placed on our classified advertisement's or any other advertisments by users wanting to buy or sell a product or service are the sole responsibilityy of that user.

No price on this website that is displayed as a cost of a product or service via our wanted or for sale classifieds or any other advertisment on thsi website is managed by OzGreyhoundSales and it is therfore somethign that must be taken up with the person that has placed the ad.

OzGreyhoundSales does not take any responsibilty for prices and costs that are displayed via our website users in any of the classifieds section or any advertising that you may find on this website.

All classifieds are checked and reiewed by users themselves prior to posting and all paid advertisments are sent to users by OzGreyhoundSales for pre-approval before we post them.

OzGreyhoundSales will not get involved in any pricing, costing or payment disputes and neither will we mediate any dispute.

If you have a pricing issue or concern set by another user that is advertising their product or service via our websites classifieds section or via any other type of advertisment then you must take it up with that user.

OzGreyhoundSales to User

All prcies set forth on this website for classifieds or advertising or any other payment for any other product or service that OzGreyhoundSales sells directly to a user of this website is set out by the administrators and staff of OzGreyhoundSales.

By using this website you agree to this websites terms and the conditions of pricing and payments set forth on this website.

Payments must be received in full before any classified or paid advertisments are posted or published on this website.

OzGreyhoundSales reserves the right to change or amend any price at any time without prior notice.

If you believe a problem has occured with payment please contact us. Be sure to provide the correct information in a clear and concise format so that we may respond accordingly.


OzGreyhoundSales does not guarantee that you will sell any product or service, receive visitors to your website or your business or have any potential increase in your sales or business by using any product or service that OzGreyhoundSales offers.

Therefore OzGreyhoundSales will not refund any money based on any type of claim that refers to the above made statment as we make no guarantees of sales to you as a user of this website and or any of it's advertising services.

Advertsing is always a risk and we cannot guarantee that any of our sites users will buy and pay for what you are selling. This is the same for any bumps, top ads or any further promotion you undertake with OzGreyhoundSales.

All refund requests based on this will be rejected immediatley.

If you believe you have accidently over payed for something or that we have advertised, promoted or published a lower cost then what you have paid then please contact us and we will do our best to resolve the issue as quick as we can.

By using this website you agree to the privacy policy.

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